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Beating the World Speed Record in a Gravity Powered Snow Sledge


Speed is in our blood. It is always on our mind. It is how we live.


We design for speed.


We have invented a Gravity Powered Snow Sledge.


We've called it Snowspeed.





We will not only beat the current 134.36kmh (83.49 mph) world speed record.


We will crush it.

Snowspeed will travel at speeds of up to 250km/h (155mph).


That's faster than the terminal velocity of a free-falling skydiver in the belly-to-earth position.





Wish us Godspeed.










"Snowspeed represents a pure form of speed; engineered to benefit from the forces of nature, powered by gravity"

Jorn Madslien, Snowspeed team member




Snowspeed was penned by award-winning industrial designer Nima Shihanian, who has worked on the Lotus/Caterham Seven racing class and the Ferrari-based hydrogen supercar concept Fyk.



Snowspeed has gone from prototype to scale model testing in about a year. Wind tunnel tests have been carried out at Toyota Motorsport GmbH in Cologne, in the same facility where Toyota’s Le Mans racing cars are fine-tuned.



The race ready sledge will be engineered on the basis of data from wind tunnel tests conducted at Toyota Motorsport GmbH, using modern composite material to ensure optimal weight, strength and safety, supported by hi-tech suspension and ski technology.


"As a child, I loved sledging. For me, that was when the dream was born."

Nima Shahinian, Snowspeed designer

“Faster, faster, faster - until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death.”

Hunter S. Thompson


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